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mencari kedamaian hakiki...bertemu muara sang pencipta..touch the soul with love..hidup x selamanya indah...cinta x selamanya duka...tp kasih selamanya...abadi.. “Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku memohon kepadaMu cintaMu dan cinta orang-orang yang mencintaiMu dan aku memohon kepadaMu perbuatan yang dapat mengantarku kepada cintaMu. Ya Allah, jadikanlah cintaMu lebih kucintai daripada diriku dan keluargaku serta air dingin.”

Friday, 2 December 2011

Make me strong Ya ALLAH!!!!....(^_^)

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait..
Better Things Come To Those Who Try ...
Best Things Come To Those Who Believe..
Desired Things Come To Those Who Pray

Before you ask Allah the help to find a pious man,
ask Him first to help you become a pious woman.
The believing women are for the believing men.

Tears that we don't want to shed damage our heart...
but sometimes we prefer this damage to hide tears...
May Allaah (swt) heal all broken hearts...


When Allah takes something from you 
He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.
 The will of Allah will never take you where the grace of Allah will not protect you

‎"A Woman Is Beautiful Because of Her Heart & Her Soul.
Nothing Else Matters....
Don't be a woman who needs a man, but be a woman a man needs!"

Qur’an Is Better Than Music
Sunnah Is Better Than Tradition
Prayer Is Better Than Sleep
Silence Is Better Than Bad Words

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